T.W. Horse (Sad Story)

   Tenesse Walking horses are treated with a painfull technice called soaring. It is used to make the horse step higher in contests, to do that they put harsh cemicals on the horses hoof and put nails in their feet to step high and what happens after 12 days is their coat turns a brow color and is not soft it turs very rough. Judge’s often take E-rays to see if the trainer used soaring on the horse, but trainers find a way to hide it. They only do this so they could win the contest. 😦   PUT AN END TO SOARING!! 

This horse has severe scarring indicative of soring. © USDA


One Response to T.W. Horse (Sad Story)

  1. Dana says:

    I hope that they WILL put an end to that someday, its really sad that people would do that, just to win a stupid contest 😦

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